The Pininfarina PF0: Powered by Rimac

More power than Putin.

Big news! Pininfarina has recently announced that Rimac will provide the electric drivetrain tech for its hotly anticipated hypercar, the PF0.

Mate Rimac, CEO of Rimac Automobili said: “We are very excited about this opportunity. Combining Rimac values – technology, innovation and performance with the heritage, history and Italian design of Automobili Pininfarina makes a perfect synergy for an exciting new hypercar – the PF0. This partnership is a big milestone for both companies and we are looking forward to bringing this incredible machine to life together.”

Rimac, a Croatian firm with considerable experience developing Formula E powertrains, is well known for its electric titans, including the Rimac C_Two, a 258 MPH self-driving hypercar.

The Pininfarina PF0 will sport similar specs, including a top speed that exceeds 250 MPH; 1700 ft∙lb of torque; a 0-62 MPH time of less than 2 seconds, and most notably, 2000 BHP.

That’s a lot of power. Put into perspective that’s 2.5 times more power than the most powerful Ferrari, or 35% more power than the Bugatti Divo. Arguably enough power to do away with the world’s pernicious love of power- exactly that which gave the car existence in the first place!

It seems as though the PF0 could turn out to be one of the most technologically advanced cars of our time, which might explain the £2m price tag.

Only 150 will be built—reservations are already being accepted and we should see the car on the market in 2020.

Its design won’t be revealed until next year, but you can take a peek at some of the official design sketches below!