The HUDWAY Glass

The HUDWAY Glass turns any smartphone into a head-up display (HUD).

As I see myself now I am a hybrid version of Tom Cruise and Luke Skywalker. I have all the latest tech in my car and I’m only an episode of Dr Who away from fully autonomous driving.  I’m astonished by the advances in car technology over the last five years, since Mr Musk offered not only his ‘essence of life’ to humanity but his all inspiring, if not slightly dull looking Tesla range.  But this is not about the BMW i3 that I have chosen to install my Hudway Glass into, it’s about head-up display. What red-blooded male/female/gender undecided or neutral doesn’t love something that purports to be a targeting system. It’s that suspenseful moment from every  ‘Action Movie’ when the ‘goodie’ finally targets the Russian Mig or the exhaust system on the Death Star that brings that exhalative feeling of ‘Mission Over’.

This is how you feel when you first install the ‘Hud’ to your X Wing or 2009 Corsa: It adds a whole new dimension to your car with only a briefing from ‘Q’ missing. The ‘App’ loads quickly and you are set. The ‘Glass’ fixes to your dash simply; position it to suit and set your target.  Await take off instructions from ‘mission control’ (well the Hud Glass GPS and your smartphone to get a fix) and you are launched.  Instructions from your now built-in R2 D2 unit are relayed onto your ‘Glass Screen’ giving the effect of head-Up display.  The head-up display is reflected on its pop up screen rather than the illusory effect you get with an ‘end of the bonnet’ type, typically fitted as a standard feature on high-end Beamers. This is good enough however and keeps your eyes on the road, as opposed to focusing on an overly lit central console with standard fitted Sat-Navs.  The direction graphics are clear and sharp, even at night with the adjustable ‘brilliance’, which is not too distracting. This is a neat bolt on, and as a retrofit is both sensible and reliable. And of course, with your phone out of reach you are not tempted to text or engage in other illegal tele-touching!

So this is a great Chrissie present in the waiting. At around £40, it is good value for the quality.  Avoid cheaper ‘joke shop’ versions and go for this one.  Men & Motors rating:  4 stars

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