The Parrot Minikit Neo 2 HD

A portable, voice-controlled HD Bluetooth hands-free device.

Earlier in the week I got to test out this slick piece of kit. A portable, voice-controlled HD Bluetooth hands-free device. I found it highly intuitive to use. It has a green button to call, red to hang-up, and a central button for scrolling through options. It clips directly onto the sun visor and is impressively receptive to your voice- dare I say, it puts Siri to shame.

I thought I’d start with a call. I pressed the green button and said “Nan”; the device confirmed the name before connecting me to her phone.

“Hello, pet.” The sound quality was excellent and amplified loud above the buzz of the road.

“How you doing, Nan?”

“Sorry pet, I can’t hear you…” What a piece of rubbish, I thought. She continued “…leme just turn on my hearin’.”

It worked perfectly, and what’s more you can play music through it. It doesn’t exactly boom, but it’s loud and clear. Download the app to access a host of great features; ‘Magic words’ will offer you all the functionality through voice alone. Another will alert you of parking meters to avoid fines. Another to help find your car in a busy parking lot. And in addition to these you can activate ‘auto-reply SMS’ to let people know when you’re driving and unable to take the call…

Use it to listen to your GPS, music, speak to Siri, make and take calls; anything you could possibly need, all in a way that ensures your eyes can stay on the road.

Click to purchase from Amazon UK or Amazon US.