The Outlook Auto Shade Sun Shield

The Outlook Auto Shade is the best sun shade on the market...

We owe a lot to The Sun. Our tans. Our food. Our orbit. Freakin’ life itself! But it still wants to kill us. The Sun radiates light (hadn’t you noticed?), a narrow slice of which is ultraviolet (UV), which sounds quite benign, but as a matter of fact it can cause a great deal of harm. So it’s important to stay safe when you’re out and about, especially with little ones…

The Outlook Auto Shade is the best way to block out UV and glare when The Sun’s slingin’ death rays. Here’s why:

.You can choose between rectangular or curved multi-fitting shades.

.They’re quick and easy to attach and remove.

.The window can be opened for ventilation with the shade fitted.

That last point will be of particular value to those of you with dogs. Think about it… with an Auto Shade fitted your furry friends can get fresh air, minus the option of leaping out the window!

You can purchase a pair of Outlook Auto Shades for £20 on Amazon.